Aster House is a member of the London Tourist Board and Convention Bureau. Here below is an extract from their website on Bed and Breakfast (B&B):


"London has a huge range of B&Bs on offer. They do not usually conform to the general image of a B&B in Britain ie. a quaint country farmhouse. A B&B in London could take many forms. It does not imply a particular type of building.

It will be a small establishment, providing accommodation and breakfast only, with no other meals. In central London, it may appear similar to a small hotel, guesthouse or be a private home. In general, the further from the centre you stay, the more a B&B will conform to the small, cosy image and the more likely it is that your stay will be in a private home. B&B establishments are categorised as Guest Accommodation and are assessed on a scale of one to five diamonds. The more diamonds, the higher the quality. The assessment takes into account cleanliness, service and hospitality, quality of bedrooms and bathrooms and food served. A B&B could be a simple home with basic amenities or a luxurious property on a small scale."

Aster House is a Luxurious property on a small scale

London Tourism Awards is organised by London Tourist Board and Convention Bureau. The Awards recognise excellence in the tourism industry. As well as highlighting issues which the tourism industry is facing, the awards acknowledge many of the vital components of a successful tourism business. Marketing strategy, innovation, access and sustainability are therefore important elements of the judging process. Underpinning the whole awards scheme are high levels of quality and customer care.

Aster House is the BEST Bed & Breakfast in London